Our Logo

The Five
Human Values
Right Conduct

The Toogoolawa logo is a visual expression of the core beliefs of the five Human Values

At the centre is the ‘place in the heart’ or ‘place in the form of a heart’ (‘toogoolawa’), reflecting the recognition that pure, unconditional Love is our sustenance and our home, the reality to which we all yearn to return and belong.

Within this heart-shaped space, we see two figures cradled and supported by a loving hand: the hand of God, the Creator, Allah, Brahman or whichever name may come most naturally to any given viewer.
The slightly larger, kneeling figure is the teacher, demonstrating in a classic gesture the teacher’s commitment in selfless, loving service to the student.

The five Human Values encircle this scene, encapsulating the kind of educational environment which we believe will, in turn, draw forth these same values in the lives of teacher and student alike.